1- Domain Services
2- Hosting Services

1.Q. Will I have full control over my domain names.

A: Yes you can change your passwords. Parking. Trf your domains after 60 days initial set up. Change your name server if you like. You also have control of the domains you register here after with Pricelesshost domains.

2.Q When will my domain name be activated?

A: Domains are registered within 12-24hrs. That is when the registry update their files.

3.Q Is the e-mail offered made up of actual POP3 accounts?

A: No, they are forwarded accounts.

4.Q When I go to enter my email addresses on the third level domain information page, only a few blanks lines appear even though you say I can have 50 email addresses. Why?

A: Initially, only 3 lines appear for you to enter your email addresses in. If you use the available lines and click "Modify", then more lines will automatically appear the next time that you load this page. Name Servers

5.Q Can I use other name servers besides those provided?

A: Yes, you can use any name servers that you like, as long as the are already known to the registry.

6.Q When I try to change my name servers, there is an error, why is this?

A: The name of the name servers might not be registered at the registry. Billing/Pricing

7.Q What does it mean when I look for a name and it is available but the software says that I can't purchase it because there is a duplicate entry?

A: It means that the name is in someone's account but has not been actually purchased yet.

8.Q Is my billing contact information going to be shown in the whois?

A: Yes. We are required to supply this information to the general public.

9.Q I registered and purchased a name, then noticed that I misspelled it. Can I delete it and get my money back?

A: Sorry, no, all sales are final.


10.Q What are the terms for the parts of a domain name?

A: The "www" part of the address is an example of a third level domain. The "yourname" part is an example of a second level domain (SLD) and the ".com" is an example of a top level domain (TLD).

11.Q What is the meaning of the term "URL REDIRECT"?

A: With URL REDIRECT, when someone types your domain name, for example, www.yourname.com, we transfer them to your website and when they get there, they see the entire URL path to where your website is actually hosted, for example, http://www.geocities.com/yourpage/yourpics.html.

12.Q What is the meaning of the term "URL FRAME"?

A: With URL FRAME, when someone types in your domain name, for example, www.yourname.com, and they get to your website they only see your domain name in the browser address bar, for example, www.yourname.com Other

13.Q I registered a domain name with you. How do I connect this name to my existing website?

A: From the "Third Level Domain Information" section, fill in the host names and record types to fit your needs When finished, click on the "Modify" button located at the bottom of the page.

14.Q Why won't my url forward when I put it into the third level domain information?

A: You must be sure to click on "Modify" when you are done to save the changes, it can currently take up to 2 hours for changes to take effect. We are working on making these changes immediately

15.Q When I register my new domain name, how long will it take to go "live" on the internet?

A: 12 to 24 hours. The registry only updates the zone files from their database once every 12 hours.


2 - Hosting Services

1.Q:What type of support do we offer?

A:We offer support through a email support system. It is one of the most efficient forms of getting support.

2.Q:What are my nameservers?

A:The nameservers for this site are
ns1.pricelesshost.com ns2.pricelesshost.com

3.Q:How do I access my website before my dns is registered?

A: You would use your ip address followed by /~ and the username of your account. Eg. http://site_ip/~username/

4.Q: Will I have unlimited access to update my pages?

A: You have unlimited access via FTP 24-hours a day and you can upload your pages directly from your control panel.

5.Q.How do I set up pop mail?

A: From your control panel. Follow the instuctions for configuring Outlook. Then use yourdomain.com and your user name as your default address to send and receive your pop mail.

6.Q:Is there a user manual I can access for Cpanel?

A: You can access the Cpanel account manual at this site. Cpanel Manual

7.Q:How can I access my Control Panel?

A: You can access your Control Panel by using the link on the front page, or by using this quick link Control Panel.

8.Q: What is your Domain Name Server?

A: Our domain name servers are listed below. When you sign up you can register a domain name, use your own and point it to our dns, or request a free subdomain name. Below is our DNS information.

Primary Name Server: ns1.pricelesshost.com
Secondary Name Server: ns2.pricelesshost.com

9.Q:What Forms of Payment do we accept?

A: We accept paypal and all major credit cards

10.Q: What are my send mail paths?

A: Listed below are the paths that can be used, depending on which form mail you are sending. Form mail path: //cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi Sendmail Path: /usr/sbin/sendmail Perl Path: /usr/bin/perl

11.Can I try your Control Panel before signing up?

A:You are free to try the Control Panel using this link. Your username is Hostori Your password is test Click for full Control Panel Demo

12.Q:How do I set up FTP access?

A: From your control panel. First set up a ftp access account and a password. This is done through your FTP account Manager. Second step is to upload your files. We recommend CuteFTP. If you have a domain name set up and pointing to our nameservers upload using your domain name. If not upload using your ip address and password that you have set up. The files should be uploaded to your public folder. (Save all images to the images folder) Included in your uploaded pages should be an index.html page. This will allow you see your uploaded files and pictures.

Please upload files to ftp.yourdoman.com/ ftp username/ftp password

.com, .net, .org, .info, and many more